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Permanent Staffing or Direct Hire

We assure you to provide services in the following areas with utmost zeal and enthusiasm, to deliver the best quality within the deadlines:

  • Permanent Staffing or Direct Hire
  • Temporary Staffing or Contract Staffing
  • Temp-to-hire Staffing or Contract to hire Staffing
  • Specialized Staffing

9T9 Technology Solutions' Recruiters will work with you to develop, lead and execute the search on behalf of your company in any area of Expertise. The goal is to hire top core talent that makes a day-to-day sustainable difference – guaranteed.

9T9's Recruiting Services

For the busy and smart executive, inquire about our recruiting services. It's simple to get on the fast track and hire the best resources in the industry.


Why direct hire?

  • Minimize costs and get results with our proven hiring process.
  • Save time – We review, identify, and evaluate a targeted candidate pool matching your needs
  • Hire high-quality candidates that are a perfect match with your corporate culture
  • Benefit from a process-driven hiring strategy

Our Benefit

We have huge database of qualified, tested candidates that are experienced in a broad cross section of industry and functional expertise. Get in touch to speak with our recruiters about your next direct hire. Or at another level, if you are adding executive talent and innovative thought leadership to your team, engage in a confidential retained executive search consultation.


Temporary Staffing or Contract Staffing

9T9 Technology Solutions offers you the flexibility of contractual staffing along with permanent staffing. Our temporary staffing service helps our clients quickly ramp up project teams when faced with a short time frame ramp up in a specific area. Skilled contract professionals provide extra support and infuse critical knowledge into your organization. Taking advantage for critical business functions in IT also leaves more time for leadership to focus on strategic initiatives. We always employ innovative techniques to access the best talents on current skill sets, emerging technologies and next generation trends.

While our accounts in charge work collaboratively with our clients to understand their staffing needs, our dedicated recruitment team works on identifying the right resources, screening, interviewing, testing and short listing candidates.

Why Temp Staffing?

  • Ready availability of candidates
  • Take advantage of flexible pricing options to save money; and
  • Manage project overflow, peak periods and special assignments
  • Maintain Budget Controls
  • Vast database of multi-skilled professionals
  • Minimized turnaround times
  • Reduced Advertising and Administration costs
  • Validation of candidates credentials

Temp-to-hire staffing or Contract to hire Staffing

To ensure the continual availability of qualified and efficient resources, we take full advantage of many different channels to find and recruit staff. These include:

  • Internet Recruiting
  • Classifieds in Jobsites
  • Headhunting through smart work groups
  • Incentive/Referral Programs
  • Regular searches through business/community networks
  • Internal Networking and Redeployment
  • Relationship building through independent consultants
  • Associate Vendor Relationships

9T9 Technology Solutions' Temp-to-Hire model is an excellent way to put top, professional talent on your staff when you are ready to hire, and combines the best aspects of direct hire model and temporary staffing. For the ultimate in control, it allows both the end point employer and the 9T9's employee to assess the professional relationship while the employee is on assignment.


Why Temp-to-Hire?

  • Cost Benefits
  • Control of salary and benefit costs
  • Prevent costly hiring mistakes before making a full-time hiring decision
  • Add to staff without violating FTE hiring freeze
  • Pay only for the hours worked and approved by you
  • Deduct Temporary staffing costs as a business expense

Strategic Benefits

  • Ensure the right corporate culture fit
  • Observe against realistic performance criteria
  • Determine stability in a high turnover position
  • Find essential talent in mission critical, high stress positions
  • Test for Full-Time position validity

Zero effort transition from our payroll to your payroll

During the Temp-to-Hire period, 9T9 as the employer, manages the employment relationship and issues all documents needed by the employees. 9T9's employees are required to comply with 9T9's policies and procedures, prepared in the consultation with the client to make them fit in the company culture. 9T9 helps in managing assignment orientation, sets the work schedule, answers all payroll, pay rate, Timesheet and assignment related questions and documents employee assignment feedback. When you are ready to hire, the transition is seamless.

Specialized Staffing

Distinctive, diverse programs call for a new approach. Whether it's a short term project, a deadline-driven project, or a long term project, 9T9 Technology Solutions can help you target the right team. We'll work with you to craft smart staffing strategies and hire top talent for all the areas where you require 9T9's support, this may include:

Staff Augmentation: We provide resources for short-term or long-term needs. This provides the customer with timely access to qualified resources for niche, special project or changes in workload.

Project Staffing: for comprehensive Project Management.

Outsourcing Solutions: If you are a small to medium sized company, identifying the right staffing solutions for your organization is crucial to the success of your business. 9T9 Technology Solutions fulfills your immediate work force needs at a fraction of the cost. We customize solutions based on factors such as quality, cost of hiring, specific needs etc. So, seeking our services will benefit you on all counts. Get in touch with us to leverage our expertise in formulating the right outsourcing solution for you.

9T9 Technology Solutions has access to major talent pool, which is very comprehensive and exhaustive in nature. Powered by years of experience in the consulting and services domain, we have acquired extensive knowledge about technology staffing, which we now put to use by offering our IT staffing services to extend proficiency, fluently.IT staffing acquisitions at 9T9 has always got worthy candidates who were already experts in their chosen field, with flawless track record, admirable educational background, certifications, and relevant experience. All this is to provide you assurance that the work done on our clients projects is delivered within the promised time frame. This superior technology skill continues to provide our Offshore Software Development services as good quality and cost-effective.

We will make your business successful and recognizable. 9T9 has Expertise in following technologies

  • Microsoft .NET, Visual Basic, Sharepoint
  • PHP
  • MS SQL
  • Oracle
  • My SQL
  • Flex Cold Fusion
  • JAVA, J2EE, J#, JSP
  • C#
  • Linux
  • ASP, ASP.net

We have started our Professional Staffing Services with an assurance to let you find the best candidates for your organization.

Being specialized in the field of IT staffing, we shall offer to the IT industry manpower needs worldwide. Consultants chosen by us will go through a rigorous technical examination and rounds of interviews to ensure their proficiency.

Our placement process will be fair, unbiased and focused on your needs. We would offer you the best candidates after going through your specific requirements. We ensure you to get the best persons who are efficient in their particular field.

Strategic Staffing Solutions at 9T9 Technology Solutions ensure that you save your precious time and resources and invest them where your immediate attention is required. Meanwhile, we study the requirements of your business and understand your business culture to invite candidates, interview them, run background checks and check references and finally present to you aspirants that we think are the best. The final decision lies with you.

Project Roles

We ensure our clients that we can provide professional who can take part in entire project lifecycle, taking care of their own roles. Roles include:

  • Business Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Help Desk Q/A Tester
  • Systems Programming
  • Data Warehousing
  • Project Manager
  • Web Designer / Producer
  • Data Architect
  • Programmer / Analyst
  • Desktop Support
  • Systems Administrator
  • Technical Writer
  • Developer
  • Systems Analyst
  • Software Test Engineers

9T9 holds the ability to deliver multiple skill sets fast, efficiently and in a smooth manner. We hire the right people to join your workforce. We offer best services through contacts to offer best advantage to your workplace by our technology staffing.